December 29, 2008

Mayor, 88, approaches 60th year of service

The 88-year-old mayor of Richmond, Texas, says he has no plans to retire despite serving in the office since 1949.

Mayor Hilmar Moore said his career in politics began in 1949 when he attended a Lions Club luncheon and some friends asked him if he would be interested in filling in for a mayor who had resigned, the Houston Chronicle reported Monday.

I told them I'd like to think it over first and they told me I'd better hurry up because I was going to be sworn in at 4 o'clock that afternoon, he said.

Moore then won the election in 1950 and every two years since then, only occasionally having to face challengers on the ballot.

The Chronicle said Moore may be the longest-serving mayor in the United States.

Moore, who was the subject of a statue erected in October by the Historic Richmond Association, said he will continue to serve for as long as residents continue to re-elect him and so long as I know who I am and where I am.