January 1, 2009

Woman using Web site to snag a husband

A New Jersey woman says she created the Web site 52weeks2findhim.com in order to give herself a countdown on finding Mr. Right.

Neenah Pickett of Somerset, N.J., said she is giving herself 365 days to find the right man to marry, but that doesn't mean she has to get married during that time span, the New York Daily News said Thursday.

In 52 weeks, I hope to find him. I don't plan to walk down the aisle, but I want to meet him, the 42-year-old media consultant said. Come New Year's Eve next year, I hope we'll be together.

The countdown on the interactive Web site officially began Thursday, New Year's Day.

Pickett said she chose to create the Web site and embrace its time restriction after failing to find the right man through more than 100 dates she organized online.

You can't keep doing the same thing and expecting different results, she told the Daily News. I was just sitting there, thinking things would happen.