January 1, 2009

Group tying shoes together for charity

The international charitable group, Soles4Souls, says it wanted to bring attention to its efforts by tying thousands of shoes together in Nashville.

Group members said in an attempt to support the Soles4Souls goal of giving underprivileged individuals access to footwear, they were planning on tying together 26,000 shoes, The (Nashville) Tennessean said Thursday.

Members began tying together the thousands of shoes Wednesday at the Opry Mills shopping mall and they expected the bonded footwear to span the nearly mile-long mall twice.

If the group is able to connect all of the shoes as planned, the lengthy shoe rope should surpass the current world record in the unusual category.

National Geographic Kids Magazine currently holds the record with an 8,700-foot-long line of 10, 512 attached shoes.

All we do is wake up and strive to put shoes on somebody's feet, David Graben, the group's executive vice president, told the Tennessean of his organization's efforts.