January 1, 2009

Woman sues neighbor after football arrest

An 88-year-old Ohio woman who was arrested after refusing to return a football to a 13-year-old neighbor has filed a lawsuit against the boy's parents.

Edna Jester of Blue Ash claims in her Hamilton County Common Pleas Court lawsuit that her health has suffered as a result of the emotional distress brought on by footballs, Frisbees and other items belonging to her neighbors that land in her yard, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported Thursday.

The suit is seeking unspecified monetary damages from Jester's neighbors, Paul and Kelly Tanis, who have five children.

It's a very silly suit, Kelly Tanis said Wednesday. We haven't really seen or heard from Edna since any of this happened. And now what we have heard comes from her lawyer.

Jester was arrested Oct. 16 after she refused a police officer's order to return the 13 year old's football after it landed in her yard and she took it inside. The Blue Ash city solicitor and city prosecutor later dropped the theft charge against Jester.

In reality, we worry, Kelly Tanis said. We can't afford a lawyer. We have five kids. And you never know how something like this might turn out.