January 2, 2009

Police arrest non-dictator Castro in Miami

Miami police say they have arrested a Fidel Castro on an alleged license violation, but are quick to clarify it is not the Cuban dictator in their custody.

Police Cmdr. Delrish Moss said if police had actually arrested the infamous Castro and not Fidel Christian Castro for allegedly driving with a revoked driver's license, there likely would be a major public reaction in Miami, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel said Friday.

''If this guy was wearing a beard and a jogging suit and was the dictator of Cuba, people here would be glad he's going to jail,'' Moss said. "But this guy probably won't make a blip on the radar screen.''

The 32-year-old Castro appeared in Miami-Dade County bond court on Friday regarding his early morning arrest.

The Sun-Sentinel said, according to jail records, at least 33 individuals named Fidel Castro but with different birth dates have been arrested in the Florida county during recent decades.