January 2, 2009

Detective dog tracks missing K-9 dog

Police in Fort Worth, Texas, baffled about a missing K-9 dog, turned to a dog detective agency when their helicopter search turned up nothing.

Godiva, an operative for Dog Gone Detectives, found Loki, the escaped search and rescue dog, in 15 minutes, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Kat Manning, one of the owners of the agency, said that Loki did not make himself hard to find. He was about half a mile from his handler's home, where he had chewed a hole in the fence on New Year's Day.

Usually, it isn't that easy, Manning said. We got on the trail. Then all of the sudden, I looked up and there he was. He was just hanging out.

Godiva, a chocolate Labrador, is used only to track dogs. Manning said that the dog finds its quarry about 85 percent of the time, although the search sometimes takes hours or even days.

Dog Gone specializes in finding lost pets and charges $300 with an additional $500 when the animal is located. Manning said her agency has been getting a lot of calls because of publicity about the search for Loki.