January 3, 2009

Bavarian beaver at home in Britain

A Bavarian beaver is making itself at home in England's Devon county after escaping from an area farm, its owner says.

Conservationist Derek Gow said the escaped 88-pound beaver apparently does not know it has moved across several international borders and is preparing for a typical German winter, The Times of London reported Saturday.

It's laying up a store of feed because it doesn't know it isn't in Germany, Gow said of the animal, which was one of three that escaped four weeks ago from his farm. The other two have been recaptured.

Meanwhile, the fugitive beaver has laid waste to trees in the county in its efforts to create a new home.

Area resident Phillip Kelly said when he first came across a tree stump 3 feet wide left by the ambitious animal, a hungry beaver was far from his initial thoughts.

My first thought was children messing about with an ax, but then I looked around and saw other trees and branches had also been gnawed and I said to my mate, 'There's a beaver been at work here,' he told The Times.