January 3, 2009

Basset hound best friends with owl

A 16-year-old Basset hound named Beryl in Tenterden, England, has an unusual best friend, a 4-year-old Tawny owl named Wol, the animals' owner says.

Sara Ross said she has been sharing her home with the two animals and witnessing how they have bonded despite their significant differences, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

They are both rescue animals and they're like best buddies. Wol needs full-time care and one day I was giving him a bit of exercise and he just plonked down on Beryl's back, Ross said of her pets. She doesn't mind, she's really laid back and a bit of a pussycat really.

Ross told the Telegraph the close relationship between the animals, who apparently enjoy watching nature documentaries together, is rare for members of different species.

I've never known two animals who are so different hit it off quite so well. They just love being around each other, she told the newspaper.