January 3, 2009

Woman, 40, thought too young for alcohol

A 40-year-old British mother-of-two says she was forced go home and get her passport after being told she was too young to buy alcohol at a store.

Karen Hamilton of Hampshire county said during a recent beer run at a Tesco retail store, she was told she could not buy alcohol without proper documentation of her age, the Daily Mail reported Saturday.

Hamilton, who was not carrying any identification with a photograph at the time, said she became annoyed at the clerk's unwillingness to accept her age claims.

The woman at the check-out must have been about my age but she insisted on asking for ID -- I thought she was joking, she said.

It became very irritating because I couldn't convince her otherwise -- other women in the queue even tried to argue for my case by saying they thought I looked over 18.

The Mail said Tesco has since apologized for the incident and suggested Hamilton should feel complimented for being seen as younger than 18, the legal alcohol purchasing age in Britain.