January 5, 2009

Man will throw Lexus in with home sale

A man desperate to sell a luxury home in Houston in the current down U.S. real estate market is offering to throw in a Lexus to make a sale, a broker says.

Broker Pam Harris said upon hearing that Barry Reynolds had offered to add a new car to any finalized sale of his 5,500-square-foot home, she was immediately intrigued, KHOU-TV, Houston, said Monday.

She said by offering the new car to potential buyers, Reynolds was making his real estate offering more attractive to the limited number of home buyers during the ongoing economic crisis.

I think it's awesome. I think it's the sizzle for the steak, she said.

Reynolds has been unable to move the property for more than six months.

We could either choose to stay and have a city home and a country home, or we could try to do something different, Reynolds told KHOU-TV, referring to a second home he purchased after putting the Houston home up for sale.