January 5, 2009

Horse runs into movie theater

Witnesses said an escaped farm horse shocked film-goers when it ran through the automatic doors of a Boldon, England, cinema.

A witness said the horse, one of three that had escaped from a farm, was frightened by a little girl blowing a raspberry outside of the Cineworld complex Dec. 19 and ran straight for the cinema entrance, The Sun reported Monday.

The horse noticed the cinema and headed towards us, and when it got close, the automatic doors opened and in it came, the witness said. It was a bit of a surprise -- the general public don't expect to see a horse in the middle of a cinema foyer -- but it was all over in 20 seconds.

Authorities said the horse was captured safely and no one was hurt.

It's certainly the first time I have heard of this happening and I have worked in cinemas for six years, a Cineworld spokesman said.