January 6, 2009

Man dangles without pants from ski lift

Witnesses said a skier at a Vail, Colo., resort spent about 15 minutes dangling upside down from a lift with his pants around his knees before he was rescued.

Fellow skiers said the man boarded the Skyline Express high-speed lift Friday morning in Vail's Blue Sky Basin, but the lift's fold-down seat was not lowered, causing the man to partially fall through a gap, The Smoking Gun reported Tuesday.

Pictures taken by witnesses suggest the man's pants became stuck on the chair and remained behind when he fell through.

The man, who was kept in place by one of his skis that became jammed in the ascending chairlift, dangled from the lift with his nether-regions exposed for about 15 minutes before staff managed to reverse the lift and dislodge the man.