January 7, 2009

Man: House vandalism a ‘nightmare’

A Minnesota man said vandalism at his home allegedly perpetrated by a former friend is proving costly months later.

Andrew Thompson said Portlyn Miller, 21, entered his St. Paul house three times while he was not home in October and committed acts of vandalism, including covering the inside of his house with pink and green paint and stabbing one of his daughter's teddy bears, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported Wednesday.

Miller has been charged with burglary and vandalism, but police have not been able to locate her.

Thompson said Tuesday he has repainted and carpeted his home, but paint remains on wood trim, the bathroom grout, lamps, railings and the inside of the oven. He said the house is now in foreclosure and he has been unable to show it because of the damage.

It's a nightmare, dude. That's all I can say, Thompson said.

He said he is hoping police can locate Miller so he can get restitution payments.

Right now, I'm just waiting to see if she shows up, he said.