January 8, 2009

Stray dog roams Mets new Citi Field

A stray dog somehow found its way into Citi Field and spent several days investigating the new home for the New York Mets, construction workers say.

Workers said the canine sniffed around the new Major League stadium until animal control workers finally arrived to capture the stray Wednesday, the New York Daily News reported.

But the dog had other ideas and apparently used his inside knowledge of Citi Field lead the animal control wardens on a rainy chase through the sports venue.

She was around home plate, ran up the first base line and ducked into the stands, Mike Pastore, New York City Animal Care & Control's head of field operations, said of the difficult animal capture.

Eventually the dog was captured and calmed down enough for physical contact, Pastore told the Daily News.

She was shaking and jumping around. This was probably her first time on a leash, Pastore said. But once she calmed down, I was able to pet her.