January 8, 2009

Woman seeks to sell spotted collection

A British Dalmatian enthusiast said she is searching for a collector to buy her hoard of 3,500 black-spotted items.

Karen Ferrier, 44, said she started collecting white items with black spots after she bought a Dalmatian puppy named Ditto 17 years ago, The Sun reported Thursday.

Ferrier said her collection includes polka dot clothes and shoes, sunglasses, hats, bikinis, suitcases, ornaments and even Dalmatian-spotted toilet paper.

Sadly Ditto died three years ago, but I've everything from cuddly toys and jewelry to ornaments, games, jigsaws, roller skates, balls, stationery and candles, Ferrier said. I don't want to part with them all and it will be a heart-wrench selling. But I am starting afresh and have to declutter so I want to find a really good home for them.

Ferrier said her love of Dalmatians extended so far that she had her husband paint black spots on her white car.

I'm nutty about Dalmatians, she said.