January 9, 2009

British can now get chili chips or Cajun

British fans of potato chips, sick of more traditional flavors, can now enjoy flavors like chocolate and chili or crispy duck and hoi sin, a company says.

The snack food manufacturer Walkers announced a new series of unique chip flavors Friday that were each created by members of the public taking part in a product campaign, The Daily Mail reported.

A total of six new flavored chips will enjoy a limited sales effort as members of the public vote on which one of the snack items they feel is worthy of a permanent sales position.

More than 1 million suggestions for chip flavors were offered as part of the Walkers campaign and the remaining six were chosen by a select panel of judges.

Noted chef Heston Blumenthal, one of the prestigious judges, said flavors like onion bhaji, fish and chips, builder's breakfast and Cajun squirrel-flavor should prove interesting releases.

The complexities of flavor fascinates me and to watch the public get so excited about taste has been absolutely inspiring, he told the Mail.