January 9, 2009

Police: Snow footprints led to suspects

London police said they caught a pair of suspected burglars after following a trail of footprints the two left in the snow for more than a mile.

Investigators said they followed two sets of footprints away from the scene of a garage break-in at a South London home early Monday morning, The Times of London reported Friday.

Officers and sniffer dogs were able to follow the trails left by the suspects, as most residents were still in bed and the snow was mostly untouched, police said. The trail ended with two teenagers, ages 16 and 17, who police said were in possession of several items believed to have been stolen.

This was an excellent piece of work by our colleagues. We are more used to using powder to find fingerprints to help solve crime, but on this occasion the dusting of snow has helped us recover a significant amount of stolen property, police spokesman Dave Willis said.