January 11, 2009

Transit riders drop trou

Mass transit riders in 24 cities, including Phoenix and Atlanta, say they road pantless as part of a performance act started eight years ago in New York.

The No-Pants participants rode only in their shirts and underwear Saturday, acting as if nothing was awry, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Sunday, noting the international stunt is sponsored by the arts group Improv Everywhere.

At least 34 people participated in Atlanta, including Patrick Carlson, a design-firm owner who wore shiny blue boxers that matched his suit and tie.

In Phoenix, more than 90 pantless people participated, ranging from gray-haired men in suits to young women with neon-colored hair, The Arizona Republic reported Sunday.

We need more things like this, said Ken Weise, vice mayor of Avondale, Ariz., who was riding but not participating during a train ride into Phoenix.