January 13, 2009

Police: Muggers caught after taunting call

Police said five teenagers accused of mugging a New York state man were arrested after they allegedly called the victim the next day to gloat about the crime.

Scarsdale police Lt. Bryant Clark said the 50-year-old New Rochelle man was beaten by a group of young men at about 9:20 p.m. Tuesday while he was waiting for a bus home from the Scarsdale Public Library, the White Plains (N.Y.) News-Journal reported Tuesday.

Clark said the attackers took the man's briefcase and fled the scene in a car.

However, he said investigators got a break in the case when the victim received a phone call Wednesday from a group of young men who claimed to be his attackers.

They actually called him to taunt him about the beating,'' Clark said. That's what ultimately led to their arrests."

He said police traced the call to a house in White Plains where they discovered the stolen briefcase. White Plains residents Michael Marzano, 18, and Eric Pacicca, 17, were arrested at the house alongside Christopher Brown, 16, who was visiting from San Diego. Clark said two additional young men, White Plains residents Jeffrey Polono, 18, and Joseph Quinones, 19, were arrested after officers learned of their alleged involvement in the attack.

All five teenagers were charged with second-degree robbery and were taken to the Westchester County jail.