January 14, 2009

Now it’s Brooklyn the perfume

A New York perfume company is about to launch a new fragrance named after Brooklyn, a borough not always associated with expensive scents.

Brooklyn the perfume will be sold in a graffiti-covered bottle to evoke some of the hard-edged reputation of its namesake, the New York Post reports. But the contents combine grapefruit, cardamom, cypress, cedar and leather, not the scent of the Gowanus Canal or the sea breezes of Coney Island.

Bond No. 9, the maker, operates four New York boutiques, according to its Web site, all in Manhattan. Two are on the expensive Upper East Side and two downtown.

We wanted something that captures the young vibe of Brooklyn, and we took a lot of risks, said Laurice Rahme, the company's founder.

The perfume is to be priced to match the location of the Bond No. 9 stores, at $220 for a 110-milliliter (just under 4 ounces) bottle and $145 for half that amount.