January 15, 2009

Pa. mayor trades ‘Ravens’ for ‘Steelers’

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said he wants to be known as Mayor Steelerstahl for the next few days as a sign of solidarity with his city's NFL team.

The mayor said ahead of Sunday's playoff game between the Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens that he wanted to remove the Ravens from his name, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Thursday.

On behalf of the Steelers Nation, I've decided to remove the word 'Ravens' from my name just like the Steelers will remove them from the AFC Championship, he said.

Ravenstahl began a Verified Petition for a Name Change Thursday, but civil court staff said it is unlikely to be filed because it is incomplete and does not include the requisite $108 check.

The mayor said the idea was given to him by listeners of the Star 100.7 morning show who called in and thought it would be a good idea to change from Ravenstahl, given we are playing the hated Baltimore Ravens this weekend, to Steelerstahl.

As soon as I heard it, I thought it was a great idea, he said.