January 16, 2009

Museum unearths historical ‘Cheese Mites’

The Science Museum in London says it has unearthed several of the world's first science films, including the revolutionary film Cheese Mites.

The museum said Mites, a one-minute film that was first to offer a microscopic view of life, is part of a new exhibit entitled Films of Fact, The Daily Telegraph said Thursday.

Mites was first broadcast at the Alhambra Music Hall in 1903 and its close-up look at microscopic life proved groundbreaking at the time, the newspaper said.

The new Science Museum exhibit also includes 1936's Enough to Eat, a film by Julian Huxley that introduces the revolutionary world of so-called vitamins to the general public.

To prove its main point on malnutrition among Britain's poorer classes, Eat follows two sets of rats as they each enjoy drastically different diets.

The Telegraph said the film delights in discussing how the well-fed rat is livelier and healthier than its counterpart on a so-called poor diet.