January 16, 2009

British driver fined for sandwich snacking

A mother-of-two in the English city of Liverpool says she was fined nearly $89 for snacking on a sandwich while driving her car.

While university researcher Ediri Tsekiri admits she was eating while driving on a 30 mph road, she maintains she was always in full control of her vehicle despite a police officer's assertions to the contrary, The Daily Mail said Friday.

I had picked up a crust from a plastic bag on the seat next to me and I never took my eyes off the road, Tsekiri said of the incident last November. I was certainly no more distracted than if I had changed gear or switched radio stations.

Tsekiri, 36, said the officer allegedly implied that eating while driving was more distracting than using a cellular phone.

The Manchester University worker begrudgingly paid the nearly $89 fine, but remains convinced her driving actions did not pose a public risk.

I consider myself a good driver and certainly never take unnecessary risks, she told the Mail. If I had been sneezing that could have been more dangerous than eating a morsel of bread.