January 16, 2009

Survey: Britons use 14 curse words per day

A company says its survey suggests Britons use an average of 14 profane words each day, with 87 percent of respondents saying they curse on a daily basis.

Nulon UK, the British wing of an Australian motor oil and lubricant company, said its survey of 2,319 Britons found only 8 percent of those polled find swearing in an adult context, including movies and child-free workplaces, to be offensive, The Daily Mail reported Friday.

The survey found that while only 87 percent admitted to using profanity on a daily basis, 98 percent confessed to swearing while angry.

The fact that nearly every one of the 2,319 people who were polled have sworn while they are angry shows that British attitudes towards conservatism in public are way off the beliefs most commonly held by other countries, said William Findlay, who authored the study.