January 21, 2009

London gym offering ‘human weights’

The owner of a London gym says members of his site have access to a variety of exercise equipment, including human weights.

Gymbox owner Richard Hilton said by using individuals of varying weights as weight-lifting equipment, he is offering his health club customers a unique and visual experience, The Daily Telegraph said Wednesday.

A lot of our members felt that lifting metal weights was boring and not especially motivating, he said.

Experts in sports psychology agree that visualization is a significant factor in improving performance and human weights are as visual as it can get.

The human weights offered at Gymbox range from a dwarf named Arti who weighs 66 pounds to Matt Barnard, 37, whose nearly 342 pounds offers weight-lifters a greater challenge.

The Telegraph said Hilton's site also offers other activities such as a self-defense class called Chav fighting and so-called boob aerobics, which are designed to increase a woman's bust size.