January 21, 2009

Pigeons flock to English region

Experts said large numbers of wood pigeons that have descended on the Kingswinford area of England likely left their previous homes due to food shortages.

Homeowners said thick swarms of birds have taken over the city's view in recent days, covering trees and forming black clouds in the sky, The Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

I thought it was like Armageddon, said resident and avid birdwatcher Terrence O'Dell. The sky was black and I thought maybe it meant an earthquake was going to happen.

I would describe the sight as like a swarm of gray locusts, he said. They have appeared in such vast numbers, the sheer volume of them is just unreal.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds said the number of pigeons gathered in the Kingswinford area, near Wolverhampton, is unprecedented. Spokeswoman Louise Pedersen said the birds were likely drawn to the area due to food shortages in the countryside.

There is not a great deal of abundant food out in the countryside -- that is why flocks of birds will turn up in areas they are not normally seen in, Pedersen said.