January 22, 2009

N.Y. resident: Law protecting tasty geese

A New York resident says an anti-firearm law is preventing would-be hunters from killing troublesome geese, which he says are delicious when cooked.

New York resident David Stern said if city or Port Authority officials began offering a limited number of individuals the right to hunt area geese, he could help protect aircraft from the winged creatures while also trying out his recipe for goose jerky, the New York Post said Thursday.

Maybe the city or the Port Authority could license a number of people to hunt there and keep out the waterfowl as best they can, Stern said.

Geese have been blamed by some for last week's crash of a US Airways jet in the Hudson River.

Stern told the Post that the current cold temperatures in New York and most of the country are ideal for hunting geese should a hunting proposal come into being.

This cold weather is the best weather for it, Stern said.