January 22, 2009

Man sues after injured by stripper’s boot

An Ohio man claims in a lawsuit against a strip club that he was struck in the face and injured by a dancer's discarded boot.

Yusuf Evans, 37, said he was at the XTC nightclub in Akron, Ohio, with some visiting friends last year when a dancer using the stage name Tiara kicked off her thick-heeled boot, which flew from the stage and struck him in the nose, the Akron Beacon Journal reported Thursday.

Evans said doctors at a local hospital treated his nose injury and told him he will likely need surgery.

I got injured and I shouldn't have gotten injured just going out and trying to show somebody a good time, Evans said. I have to live with this the rest of my life probably.

Evans, who said the incident took place on his very first visit to a strip club, is seeking $25,000 compensation for his injuries in the suit against the nightclub and the dancer.