January 24, 2009

School district’s missing copiers

Investigators in Cleveland are working on the mystery of the missing copying machines -- six paid for by the school district and apparently never delivered.

To complicate the mystery, school officials initially said only three machines were missing, The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. Now, officials say the district paid for six machines in 2007 and 2008.

Capt. Ray Eakins of the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office said he knows how many of the giant copiers are in the district now -- zero.

If they say they bought six, six are missing, he told The Plain Dealer. Every school property has been physically checked. There's nothing.

The newspaper said invoices showed the district purchased the Ryobi offset duplicators from Superior Office Supplies in Toledo. The total price came to around $160,000, including consulting fees paid to the company.

The purchasing authority on the invoices the newspaper obtained Friday is Dan Burns, who resigned eight days ago as the school district's chief operating officer.