January 25, 2009

Police seize ‘Obama’ brand heroin

Police in upstate New York have seized heroin marketed in packages stamped with an Obama brand name.

Sullivan County Undersheriff Eric Claboty described the misuse of the new president's surname as an absolute disgrace, the New York Daily News reported.

Claboty said the 80 decks of heroin and a large quantity of marijuana were discovered and five suspects seized following a three-month investigation.

Most of the heroin packets had Obama stamped on them in red ink.

The Smoking Gun Web site, which headlined the story The Audacity of Dope, pointed out that drug dealers are fond of brands and frequently misappropriate names for them. Over the years, police have seized bin Laden heroin, Harry Potter Ecstasy and even cocaine branded as Teletubbies, a TV show aimed at toddlers.

Heroin dealers occasionally use seasonal themes as well, like drugs colored green around St. Patrick's Day.