January 26, 2009

Horse and carriage fall can’t stop bride

A 36-year-old Englishwoman says she is relieved to have enjoyed her wedding day after her initial nuptials attempt ended in a fall from a horse-drawn carriage.

Sophie Clarke, who was pushed from the moving horse and carriage by her father while on her way to her wedding in December, was married Sunday in the village of Bretforton, The Daily Telegraph reported.

"It was such a relief to finally be able to walk down the aisle, said Clarke, who married 36-year-old Karl Woods.

At one time I wondered if it would ever happen.

The December accident occurred when the horse bolted after being scared by traffic. Concerned a potential crash may hurt his daughter, Clarke's father shoved her off the moving carriage.

Clarke said the injuries to her legs and ankles she suffered when hitting the ground did come into play while walking down the aisle Sunday.

I just had to grit my teeth and bear it for those few yards, the new bride told the Telegraph.