January 26, 2009

Electric chair, MTV award auctioned

The auction of Death Row Records memorabilia in Fullerton, Calif., drew more than 200 people to bid on items, including the company's iconic electric chair.

The seven-hour auction Sunday, which came after the record company filed for bankruptcy, involved more than 600 items, including the $2,500 electric chair, thousands of CDs and albums, paintings, photographs and an MTV Award presented to rapper Snoop Dogg for Best Rap Video, the Orange County (Calif.) Register reported Monday.

Dale Fletcher, who purchased the electric chair, said he plans to display the item in the conference room of his business, Hostility Clothing.

It's a piece of memorabilia of hip hop and Death Row, Fletcher said. I'm definitely a fan of all the Death Row people, especially Tupac (Shakur).