January 26, 2009

Woman wins $1.25M house in raffle

A Colorado woman said she plans to sell the $1.25 million house in Maryland that she won with a $100 raffle ticket.

Karen McHale of Idaho Springs said she purchased the raffle ticket as a way of contributing to the Maryland charity running the auction, We Care and Friends. She said she and was completely in shock, in disbelief, upon finding out that she won the Edgewater, Md., home, The Washington Post reported Monday.

McHale said she has decided to sell her prize at auction rather than move her family across the country.

What am I going to do with a house in Maryland? she asked. I obviously want someone to buy the house who would live there and obviously enjoy it.

She said the cash earned by the auction would go toward paying the $300,000 in taxes that she owes on her prize, as well as help pay for her son's wedding and the debt owed on her current home.

Larry Griffin, president and founder of We Care and Friends, said the previous owner of the home, Tom Walters, had promised 10 percent of profits from the auction to the charity if at least 31,500 tickets were sold. However, he said Walters only managed to sell 24,000 tickets, so the share of money going to the charity has not yet been determined.