January 27, 2009

Cops: Man went into CVS thin, came out fat

CVS stores in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area complain that they lost $40,000 to a loyal shoplifter who specialized in detergent, body wash and deodorant.

Randy Sterling, 43, of St. Paul has been charged with thefts earlier this month, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported. But investigators say that Sterling has been identified from security videos at two CVS stores at least eight times between July and January.

CVS employees nicknamed Sterling the Body Wash Guy. They told police that shoplifting losses dropped in December when Sterling was being held in jail for a number of thefts, including some from CVS.

A pattern emerged where the Body Wash Guy entered CVS stores looking skinny, went to areas in the store where name-brand deodorants, lotions, liquid body washes and laundry detergents were stocked and left the stores looking as if he had gained considerable weight beneath his jacket, a criminal complaint said.

Sterling reportedly told police that he sold the detergent and toiletries on the street.