January 28, 2009

Woman: Hubby’s TV marriage was a shock

An unidentified woman in Independence, Mo., says she was shocked to see her husband getting married to another woman on television.

The woman, who did not want her identity reported, said she felt some measure of relief this week as attorneys in Jackson County officially charged her husband, William Rivera, with bigamy, KCTV, Kansas City, Mo., reported Wednesday.

The woman told the TV station Tuesday she learned of her husband's alleged infidelity during a Valentine's Day TV broadcast of a mass wedding in Independence last year.

I feel like he has pushed us off in a corner, you know, like tried to hide us in the shadows and forget about us, but you can't, so I'm glad it's all coming to light, the woman said of her husband's alleged second marriage.

Despite the ongoing court case, which is expected to continue in February, the woman told KCTV she has no plans for a divorce.

I know that Jesus performs miracles. His word says it, she said.