January 29, 2009

Man says he was fired for vegetarianism

A man has filed suit against his former employer, a New York currency trader, claiming his supervisor harassed him with ribbing about his gay vegetarianism.

Ryan Pacifico is seeking damages from Calyon in the Americas for compensatory, emotional, physical and punitive damages, the New York Post reported.

Pacifico said his relationship with his supervisor, Robert Catalanello, soured as soon as Catalanello discovered that Pacifico does not eat meat. That occurred when Catalanello picked a steakhouse for a team-building dinner and another employee suggested a restaurant where Pacifico would be more comfortable.

Catalanello refused to change restaurants and said Who the f--- cares? It's his fault for being a vegetarian homo.

In addition to verbal jibes, Catalanello would only order items containing meat for weekly team lunches, Pacifico alleged. Pacifico was ultimately fired and said he was dismissed for a minor violation of the rules that he claimed was a cover for the real reason.