February 1, 2009

Boy Scout earns all 121 available badges

An 18-year-old Boy Scout member in Lincoln Park, Mich., says he has earned all of the youth organization's 121 honorary badges.

Andrew Schigelone said when he joined the youth group, he decided he would work as hard as he could at Boy Scout activities to make the most out of the experience, The Detroit Free Press reported Sunday.

Six years later, that personal drive has resulted in Schigelone possessing every possible Boy Scout badge.

I wanted to do it because I wanted to prove it to myself, the teenager said.

Schigelone, who has badges in subjects ranging from archaeology to cycling, said his father also played a significant role in his badge accomplishment.

I guess it was motivation and hard work, and my dad wanted me to do this... He said, 'I can't wait until I can look you in the eyes as an adult, as an Eagle Scout with every merit badge,' he told the Free Press. And I was like, wow, I really want to do this.