February 1, 2009

Labradoodle owners push for First Dog

A Washington marketing executive says he's organizing a campaign to put a Labradoodle in the White House.

Labradoodles for Obama aims to make one of the half-Labrador retriever and half-standard poodles First Dog while raising money for the Washington Humane Society, said Greg Nelson, who owns a Labradoodle named Arbo.

President Barack Obama has said his children's first choice for their first dog is a Labradoodle or a Portuguese water dog, neither of which is found in many shelters, from where the Obama family has pledged to get their dog.

Nelson said he also wants his letter-writing campaign to raise awareness about the many puppies and adult dogs in need of adoption in shelters across the United States, the Chicago Tribune reported Sunday.

Beyond that, if Arbo is invited for a play-date on the South Lawn, well, that would be a great bonus, Nelson said.