February 2, 2009

Man stung by scorpian in bananas

A Marks Tey, England, grocer said he was stung on the finger by a scorpion that stowed away in a box of bananas he purchased in London.

Daniel Amey, 30, said he bought the box of bananas from Spitalfields Market in London for his grocery store, The Food Co., The Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

I put my hand in the box and thought I had cut it but by the time I was carrying the bananas, my finger had swollen up to twice its size and it felt like it was burning, Amey said. The doctor was ex-Army and he knew straight away that it was a scorpion as there was a single impact wound from the sting. He told me that if it had been the other kind of scorpion from Africa, I would have been dead within 15 minutes.

My wrist and finger seized up tight but as soon as they released the pressure it was not too bad and I could see the venom coming out, he said.

Amey said Food Co. workers found the scorpion dead at the store.