February 2, 2009

Architecture advice: 5 cents

An out-of-work Seattle architect said he is braving the treacherous economy by offering his expert advice at a cost of 5 cents per question.

John Morefield said he dispenses his architecture wisdom from a small wooden stand at a Seattle's Ballard Market, giving architecture-related advice and answering any questions people may have about their homes, KOMO-TV, Seattle, reported Monday.

Any questions about your home, your kitchen doesn't work -- drop a nickel, fire away, Morefield said. It's as simple as that, just starting conversations with people about their homes and what they want them to be.

Morefield said that while he made only 35 cents Sunday -- which he donated along with his other 5-cent profits to the Ballard food bank -- his project has a larger eventual goal.

I was laid off twice this year, and I decided to open my own design firm, and I needed a way to meet people, he said. One nickel turns into one conversation, turns into one design job, turns into a local contractor who hires a local painter who buys from a local supplier.