February 3, 2009

Runaway dog on the loose four days

A 2-year-old dog in the Canadian border city of Windsor, Ontario, spent four days leading rescuers on an international search before being recaptured.

The husky-shepherd mix named Zeus escaped Thursday night from the yard of a family that had just been given the dog by Sylvia and Todd Thibert, who felt they couldn't afford to keep him, the Windsor Star reported Tuesday.

Windsor and Detroit police and the U.S. Coast Guard were all alerted after Zeus was seen running along the frozen Detroit River several times with his leash dangling at his side.

The Thiberts got a call Monday afternoon saying the dog was on the property of an old Ford facility. The husband said he didn't even think as he scaled the barbed wire fence and kept calling to the dog.

At first he ran. Then he took a couple of steps toward me and it looked like a light bulb went on, he said.

A veterinarian said the dog had a minor knee injury and was very hungry, but otherwise healthy after the freezing ordeal.

The couple has decided not to give Zeus away and to keep him in their fenced yard, as he obviously doesn't like a leash.