February 3, 2009

Escaped python found in neighbor’s yard

The California owner of an escaped 23-foot-long python said the snake was found a day later basking in the sun in a neighbor's yard.

Brandon Dennis, a college student and owner of Clarice the female python, said the 130-pound snake escaped from his San Luis Obispo home after 10 p.m. Sunday along with a smaller python that only made it as far as Dennis' backyard deck before it was captured, the (San Luis Obispo) Tribune reported Tuesday.

Dennis said that while Clarice is tame, and the snake has never killed its own food, San Luis Obispo police, county Animal Control officers and members of the Sheriff Department's volunteer Search and Rescue Team were called to help find the fugitive python.

Members of the volunteer team tracked the snake to the backyard of the neighbor's home and called Dennis and a friend to collect the wayward reptile.

Dennis said the snake's skin was flaking and bleeding in some areas.

It's all beat up from going through the fences, he said.