February 4, 2009

German wins Empire State stair climb

A German man won New York's annual Empire State Building Run-Up for the fourth consecutive year by beating more than 300 competitors to the top of 1,576 stairs.

Thomas Dold won his fourth top prize in the men's field during Tuesday's race from the lobby of the Manhattan skyscraper to its 86th floor observation deck by completing the feat in a personal best time of 10 minutes, 7 seconds, WPIX-TV, New York, reported Wednesday.

Australian Suzy Walsham overcame an initial stumble on the ground floor, which left her with a cut lip, to take her third consecutive title in the women's competition. She completed the stair climb in 13 minutes, 27 seconds.

Runner Paul Crake set overall record for climbing the building's stairs during 2003's competition when he completed the course in 9 minutes, 33 seconds.