February 4, 2009

‘Rolls Royce of barber poles’ stolen

An Oregon barber said the red, white and blue pole stolen from his shop was the Rolls Royce of barber poles.

Tyler Atkinson, proprietor of the Country Square Barber Shop in Lake Oswego, said the thieves apparently disconnected the 220-volt power source for the pole before removing the heavy bolts keeping it in place Tuesday, The (Portland) Oregonian reported Wednesday.

Atkinson said the pole was a 28-inch Marvy Model 55.

That's the Rolls Royce of barber poles, Atkinson said. And I left it on 24/7.

The barber said police are investigating the theft but haven't made any promises.

They told me to keep looking on Craigslist and eBay, Atkinson said. And they told me to look in pawnshops. Believe me, I will. I am not going to let this go.