February 7, 2009

Initiations tough at Cambridge University

Students looking to join certain groups at Britain's Cambridge University better enjoy consuming strange foods and alcohol, the school's newspaper says.

According to Varsity, the student newspaper, students joining certain clubs face initiations involving copious amounts of alcohol and unusual foods such as raw squid, The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday.

Varsity reports that those seeking to join The Wyverns, a men's drinking society at Cambridge's Magdalene College constituent school, eat a 15-course meal that includes a living goldfish.

If this is regurgitated with the said creature still alive, it exempts the diner from two of the following courses, Varsity said of the alleged goldfish meal initiation.

Meanwhile, the inter-collegiate drinking society, Ferretz, has potential members consume a bottle of port wine through a condom.

The Telegraph said Varsity reported that women seeking to join the university's Newnham Nuns club must use only their mouths to put a condom on a banana.