February 8, 2009

German chancellor gets Barbie doll

U.S. toy maker Mattel says its new Barbie doll modeled on German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be an inspiration for young girls.

She's simply a good role model for girls around the world, said a company spokesman.

Merkel, 54, has yet to comment on the flattering and youthful-looking doll, presented at the international toy fair in Nuremberg as part of Mattel's 50th birthday celebration of its popular Barbie doll, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

The doll, which will sell for about $12, has Merkel's blonde bob hairstyle and tailored jacket resembling those favored by Merkel. In keeping with the Barbie tradition, the doll has an ultra-slim waistline and shows no sign of the onset of middle age.

The special edition Merkel Barbie was one of 70,000 new toys presented this past week at the fair, which celebrated its 60th anniversary.