February 9, 2009

More than one ton of chicken dumped

Detroit police said they are investigating the origins of more than 2,000 pounds of chicken breasts that were apparently dumped outside of an old plant.

Witnesses said that at least 30 cardboard boxes, each filled with 70 pounds of chicken breasts, had been sitting in front of the old Fisher Body plant for several days before police were notified Sunday, The Detroit News reported Monday.

Sgt. Jamar Rickett, a police spokesman, said officers are working with the Public Works Department and health officials to ensure the meat is disposed of safely.

You definitely don't want it to sit out there, with it getting warmer, he said.

Rickett said trash dumping is not unusual in the city but police do not often find large amounts of abandoned poultry.

I've been on the job for 11 years. This is a first, Rickett said.