February 9, 2009

Court reverses parking ticket suit ruling

A British court has overturned an earlier decision that awarded a man $30,000 for emotional distress caused by parking tickets.

Zun Noon sued London's Newham Council after bailiffs were sent to his home to collect money from four parking tickets issued in October 2007, The Daily Mail reported Monday.

Noon, whose suit claimed emotional distress, was awarded about $30,000 after Newham Council representatives failed to appear in Bow County court.

A council spokeswoman said officials were forced to pay the award after bailiffs arrived at Newham's parking office and began seizing computers.

They were unplugging computers and taking them away. If they'd unplugged the server it would have cost us thousands of pounds worth of damage so we had to pay to stop it, spokeswoman Si-Ling Pang said.

However, the council took the case back to Bow County court, which tossed the earlier ruling and ordered Noon to repay the money.

The council said the incident cost taxpayers a total $41,048.89, including service charges and court costs.