February 10, 2009

Bar signs lament lack of customers

A Blean, England, bar owner said he put up signs pleading for new business after his customer base dwindled to two regulars.

Tim Gibson, 43, said deals on food and leaflets shoved into mailboxes failed to yield an increase in patronage at his Royal Oak pub, so he resorted to humorous signs posted in front of the business, The Sun reported Tuesday.

Wanted. Customers. No experience needed as full training will be given. Please apply within, one of the signs reads.

Another sign offers wives a free husband creche. Is he getting under your feet? Leave him here while you shop -- just pay for his drinks.

The blackboards were the last resort -- it's a funny message but the sentiment is deadly serious, Gibson told The Sun. If we don't get new people in we'll close.

We've got a small group of regulars -- well, two at the moment -- but it's not enough, he said. I've been in the pub trade for years and never known it to be like this.