February 10, 2009

Skip Valentine, where’s my cell phone?

A survey of Canadian cell phone users found 56 percent of them would rather hold their cell phone than a special person on Valentine's Day.

Last week, Angus Reid Strategies polled 1,000 mobile phone users over the age of 18 across Canada and asked about their attitudes towards the devices and special people in their lives in advance of Feb. 14.

The Virgin Mobile survey found 52 percent saying their phone is with them all day, every day, and if push came to shove, almost 40 percent would rather spend a week without their special partner than be without the phone for a week.

The deepest attachment to phones versus people was found among the 18-34 age bracket, the release said.

Clearly, people have a deep love affair with their mobile phones, especially younger Canadians, said Nathan Rosenberg, Virgin Mobile's chief marketing officer.

By gender, 53 percent of men said they hold their phones more often than their significant other's hand, while 40 percent of women responded the same way.